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hendrik | 17th Aug 2016 | 一般

This play is one or more cards on hand already on the table to go with a certain hand ~ Zhang Minato point 14, and then received his sight, so called "phishing."



[Board] poker one, deprived of king size. Two to the number of people can be. Shuffle, cut card, each player in turn draw cards counter-clockwise order, each ~ Zhang, each caught three.




    (1) After the draw, the more than 4 cards in Zhang pulls out the Tandao table, by the first look at his hand grasping the dealer cards, see if you can use one of a number of sheets or already put four cards on the table in a certain sum of Minato is 14. Such as the line, you will receive these cards in front of their own, and then removed from the more than a brand, on the table, it remained there four cards, and the hands up to three cards, then by all at home this method is the game; if a player's card in their hands can not make up any table a 14 abstained, continued by the next house; if all the players do not make up 14 from the table, then it will 4 cards destroyed, then dug out from more than four cards, and continues until the end of the game.


    (2) When I run out of cards, all the players are no longer able Couchu 14:00, the end of the innings. Then calculate each player's score, score cards spades rules 4 points, 3 points hearts card, card box 2 points, 1 point plum card. Each player will "catch" the cards are counted out points, the high points is the winner.


    [Tip] due to various suits of cards is not the same value, so in the "fishing license" should try to catch the high score card should also be spent as soon as possible in the hands of the big, so you have more "fishing" opportunity.

hendrik | 8th Aug 2016 | 一般

Playing cards divination in the seventh century by the incoming flow of Roma in Europe, it is the revelation contains a variety of stuff, which Minato ten point method of divination to predict the transport of love is particularly accurate.

Chinese name cards divination time in the seventh century methods Minato ten poker tools

table of Contents

1 color Meaning

2 Prediction

3 thwarted love

▪ Methods

▪ Results

▪ Daily Horoscope

▪ doubt love

▪ scrape together ten

4 Considerations

Edit color meanings

Deck of playing cards in diamonds, hearts, plum, spades four suits of cards, with each card and place cards, flush, different colors

Brand has meaning it represents, which is the basic knowledge of the use of cards to predict, we must remember. You can recite the best.

Here to explain, said the following "M" in the opposite sense, refers to the poker card upside down.

Spades - is representative of disasters, disease, loss, romance, death, parting and other ill omen cards.

Hearts - on behalf of love, marriage, dating. Symbol of love cards.

Plum - it represents friendship, fame, popularity, work cards.

Box - is representative of wealth, economy, success, etc., a symbol of material life affluent card.

Prediction Method Editor


Step Introduction

1. Teenage licensing washed several times, for example, 25-year-old, then wash 25 times,

2. Triangle ride card, the seventh row, began to put the cards face up.



twenty three


And so on to the seventh row

3. Two cards are added sequentially and 13 away, until all so far away. (Final income can not afford to nowhere, can be heavy.)

4. Put away that knife cards, look at the first and last one there is no pair, pair out, not turn aside pair. (Can be turned three times)

5. The remaining cards in the draw, a pair corresponding to a draw card. He pulls out a final in the middle.

6. Open all the cards, Interpretation of cards righteousness.

Divination cards to scrape together ten love divination methods to predict transport particularly accurate. You want to know when the right person comes out, it immediately alerted through the sign face.

Step 1

The cards are arranged laterally in two rows, each row five. Under the two rows, then rows of three, all the cards face up.

Step 2

Add up the sum of the two cards ten points away (not limited to the same flower). Another flush K, Q, J, 10 when ten dollars, also Yigai removed.

Step 3

In hand to fill the vacancy until? Cards do not fill up, the number of remaining card hand is your password road conditions.


Within ten to find the darling

Card and hand in the twelve mouth, that you will be to find a good partner, it will be a hundred percent invested, your single-mindedness of lovers. Your Mr. Right has occurred, the remaining cards to double the number of representatives of the other side is another you're half; the remaining cards in the singular, it may be for you recently expressed a favorable impression of the opposite sex.

Eleven to twenty will soon appear

Remaining in hand within twenty, that you rarely Air wrong people, love them can bear fruit from dating to marriage is going well. If you do not yet have a partner, then, without self-pity, because the results will soon show you to find love in people around the waves, you can successfully find the other half.

Twenty-one to thirty late spring

The remaining card is twenty-one to thirty, that you love the rugged road than most people, the will to find a belated companion, the key is to wait patiently. The results show that you no product coming true marriage, Mo advise you rather hold no lack of abuse attitude, eager to find objects. As the intersection is still shallow, very likely just elusive.

Thirty or more rugged

The remaining cards over thirty, represents love road twists and turns, you must spend a great deal of effort in order to find loved one. The crux of the problem is that both sides are not equal pay feelings, and misunderstandings frequently cross-guessing them. If you are still unable to find out about the lover's heart, then the people you love may not be the hero.

Never the cards uninspiring

A hand under the cloth can not be removed, indicating that you are a loser in love, always love experienced bitter than sweet, searching and can not find a suitable object. Crush, romance, love triangle repeated happen to you. Whether you now have no lover, to persuade your most critical beware of crooks, so Yurenbushu.

I could not move the hand, the representative of painful love.


Step Introduction

First, let fortune tellers to be counted by end brand three times, then began to swing fortune cards.

Pendulum method is: from the first row put six cards, the last line also put six cards, note cards face down, to be put on line,

On the left side in the middle of these two lines, put in the same position six cards,

In the right middle of the two lines, also in the same position put six, note cards face down the same,

In the middle of the rectangle above put then put five, but also put a rectangle, note the order of:

Above - below - left - right - middle

Thereafter, he began to unravel the mystery.

From the first line, from left to right, the first person to be counted represents the current age of fortune +1, +1 and then the second, and so on,

The first row is over, and then count the last row (from top to bottom, left to right, each one plus one year of age)

Then count the middle of the left side of the six, who would like to request to be considered six female friend's name, see their fortune,

And then count on the right in the middle of six, he asked to be counted wants six male friend's name, see their fortune,

Finally, look at the middle of the five cards


Opening sequence is as follows:

Left (showing your male friends say), right (female friends that you say),

Above (for days say), below (showing speaking), intermediate (expressed in general).

A: thinking, 2: thinking, 3: patron, 4: a successful career, 5: made a small fortune, 6: disowned, 7: delicious, 8: to love,

9: there is a disaster, 10: fortune, J: intrigue, Q: There are a lot of female friends, K: There are a lot of male friends

If you think about, let's apply again and again to be counted one.

Character prediction


Poker used, including Wang removed, including the King of fifty-three.

Wash all the cards, calculates the combined age of two digits (for example: the other 25, you were 24, add up to 49 digits

Is 9), and then, the single-digit numbers above poker, one by one into the next stack of cards, and finally put that card on the most current

(In this case it is the first 10 cards) drawn to open, and set aside.

Then in the hands of the cards reshuffled several times. The other side of the digital age (eg: 25) also placed under the stack of poker cards. Then turn

Open top, put it aside, and now has a turn over two cards.

Finally, his own age on the following digital card, the same with the above operation, finally get three open cards.

This is three cards predict your future love magic card.


Cards represent meanings:

Red: on behalf of women.

Box: male representatives.

Plum: Representative sympathizers.

Spades: the representative of the opponents.

Wang: represents your best friends.

Women, men of character, extent of the sympathy, by the opponents of the strength ...... from the highest point, up until 2 sequentially reduced.

If the forecast is a woman, then, there has been a block A, it indicates that the person is your ideal boyfriend, but if Red A, indicates a strong and

Powerful rival. Care must be taken. What if Wang (joker), you do not need to be afraid of any difficulties, because "love goddess of victory" has been on your side up.

If the prediction is male, then the emergence of hearts A, indicates that the person is your best girlfriend. Of course, you also block A powerful rival of.

However, if there is an extreme against women Q (spades) in the forecast, perhaps other family or your previous ...... ......

Alas, it is nothing with it ......

Life Prediction


Card required: remove the 52-king size cards.


Thoroughly shuffle the cards into two piles. Take the top card of each card on the two piles, and these numbers add up to two cards. Wash your remaining cards, folded pile. Afterwards, take a number of shots and just two of the same number of cards. For example: If you add up to ten, got a tenth sheets. Then, the tenth card, is the key card. We can predict your past, present and future destiny.


(Key card)


A-- commercial transactions, negotiations will be very smooth.

K-- wedding there recently.

Q-- will encounter a very favorite people.

J-- indulge in play, it will end up utterly discredited.

10-- life is not stable, has stimulated an unexpected disaster.

9-- very good subordinates and families.

8-- have mental anxiety.

7-- have unexpected things happen.

6-- give people a good impression.

5-- without incident, but if a new job will fail.

4-- to dispute things will be very busy.

3-- The last thing would be exposed.

2-- happy life have trouble intervention.

(Key card)


A-- encounter first love, and bloom again.

K-- have new friends.

Q-- with a partner business will be successful.

J-- promoted by the elders awards.

10-- good luck.

9-- either seniors or juniors will trust you.

8-- People in love, will achieve their goals.

7-- strangers will confess to you disclose the hearts of admiration.

6-- someone is in love with you.

5-- someone will about you.

4-- lover will be misunderstood.

3-- note will drop things.

2-- receive the precious gift.

(Key card)


A-- is trouble-ridden.

Note K-- accident.

Q-- by others jealous.

J-- plan will fail.

10-- encounter pickpockets.

9-- lost property.

8-- hated lover.

7-- money.

6-- find a glimmer of hope.

5-- anything contrary to the vows.

4-- and family alienation.

3-- lover betrayed you.

Note 2-- sick.

(Key card)


A-- things will move towards the goal of development.

K-- judgment error prone.

Q-- too much interference of others, others will not stand.

Note J-- forget things and drop things.

10-- To fortunes, beginning is very important.

9-- long hard hours, at a cost of.

8-- really need someone to help.

7-- no gambling operation.

6-- to each other disharmony and distress.

5-- have good ideas.

4-- infighting occurs.

3-- bad luck, the body is also affected.

2-- criticism of others do not care, otherwise they will be deceived.